Date Subject
2018-12-29New Files
2013-09-12FTSC election, final result
2014-05-14Updates to FTSC web site
2014-05-22FTSCALL archive now available now available via IPv6
2014-10-192014 FTSC Election, call for nominations
2014-10-272014 FTSC Election, time frame
2014-11-02FTSC Election, nominations are closed
2014-11-10FTSC election, call for votes
2014-11-23FTSC election, preliminary result
2014-11-25FTSC Web site changes
2014-11-30FTSC election, final results
2015-05-27FTSC.ORG moved to new DNS provider
2015-10-26New term FTSC administrator
2015-10-262015 FTSC Election, call for nominations
2015-10-262015 FTSC Election, Time Frame
2015-11-102015 FTSC Election, Time Frame
2015-11-11FTSC Election, nominations closed
2015-11-16FTSC election, call for votes
2015-11-30FTSC election, preliminary result
2015-12-06FTSC election, final results
2016-11-18FTSC Election, call for nominations
2016-11-18FTSC Election, Time Frame
2016-11-20FTSC Election, nominations closed
2016-11-27FTSC election, call for votes
2016-12-13FTSC election, preliminary result
2016-12-18FTSC election, final result
2016-12-18FTSC Membership list
2017-10-222017 FTSC Election, call for nominations
2017-10-232017 FTSC Election, Time Frame
2017-11-13FTSC election, call for votes
2017-11-26FTSC election, preliminary result
2017-12-03FTSC election, final result
2019-01-21FTSC Standing Member Election - Call for Nominations