Administrative Documents

fta-1000.002FTSC Charter2022-12-10
fta-1001.003FTSC Operations 2013-03-12
fta-1001.004FTSC Operations 2013-03-12
fta-1001.005FTSC Operations 2013-03-12
fta-1001.006FTSC Operations 2013-03-12
fta-1002.002Document Submission and Publication Standard 2013-03-12
fta-1003.004FTSC Membership List 2013-03-12
fta-1003.005FTSC Membership List 2013-03-12
fta-1003.006FTSC Membership List 2013-03-12
fta-1003.007FTSC Membership List 2013-03-12
fta-1003.008FTSC Membership List 2013-03-12
fta-1003.009FTSC Membership List 2013-03-12
fta-1003.010FTSC Membership List 2013-03-12
fta-1003.011FTSC Membership List 2013-03-12
fta-1003.012FTSC Membership List 2013-03-12
fta-1003.013FTSC Membership List 2013-03-12
fta-1003.014FTSC Membership List 2013-03-12
fta-1003.015FTSC Membership List 2013-03-12
fta-1003.016FTSC Membership List 2013-03-12
fta-1003.017FTSC Membership List 2013-03-12
fta-1003.018FTSC Membership List 2013-03-12
fta-1003.019FTSC Membership List 2013-12-08
fta-1003.020FTSC Membership List 2014-11-30
fta-1003.021FTSC Membership List 2016-12-19
fta-1003.022FTSC Membership List 2016-12-18
fta-1003.023FTSC Membership List 2017-12-03
fta-1003.024FTSC Membership List 2017-12-04
fta-1003.025FTSC Membership List 2018-12-27
fta-1003.026FTSC Membership List 2019-03-11
fta-1003.027FTSC Membership List 2020-01-24
fta-1003.028FTSC Membership List 2021-03-29
fta-1003.029FTSC Membership List 2022-03-28
fta-1003.030FTSC Membership List2022-12-10
fta-1003.031FTSC Membership List2023-03-27
fta-1003.032FTSC Membership List2024-04-08
fta-1004.004FTSC File List 2013-03-12
fta-1004.005FTSC File List 2013-03-12
fta-1004.006FTSC File List 2009-11-18
fta-1004.007FTSC File List 2010-02-28
fta-1004.008FTSC File List 2012-09-21
fta-1004.009FTSC File List 2013-11-03
fta-1004.010FTSC File List 2014-06-20
fta-1004.011FTSC File List 2014-06-30
fta-1004.012FTSC File List 2014-09-21
fta-1004.013FTSC File List 2014-12-16
fta-1004.014FTSC File List 2015-01-10
fta-1004.015FTSC File List 2015-03-29
fta-1004.016FTSC File List 2015-12-08
fta-1004.017FTSC File List 2016-10-31
fta-1004.018FTSC File List 2016-11-08
fta-1004.019FTSC File List 2016-12-18
fta-1004.020FTSC File List 2017-08-01
fta-1004.021FTSC File List 2017-08-16
fta-1004.022FTSC File List 2017-12-03
fta-1004.023FTSC File List 2017-12-04
fta-1004.024FTSC File List 2018-03-11

Fidonet Technical Standards

fts-5000.001THE DISTRIBUTION NODELIST 2013-03-12
fts-5000.002The Distribution Nodelist 2013-03-12
fts-5000.004The Distribution Nodelist 2013-03-12
fts-5001.001NODELIST FLAGS AND USERFLAGS 2013-03-12
fts-5001.002Nodelist flags and userflags 2013-03-12
fts-5001.004Nodelist flags and userflags 2013-03-12
fts-5001.005Nodelist flags and userflags 2014-07-01
fts-5002.001POINTLIST FORMATS 2013-03-12
fts-5005.001Advanced BinkleyTerm Style Outbound flow and control 2014-11-09
fts-5005.002Advanced BinkleyTerm Style Outbound flow and control 2015-03-29

Fidonet Standards Proposals

fsp-1001.002Timezone information in FTN messages 2013-03-12
fsp-1002.002Numeric reply indication in FTN subject lines 2013-03-12
fsp-1003.001Suggested use of Nodelist Fields 2013-03-12
fsp-1004.001Standard Fidonet Addressing 2013-03-12
fsp-1005.006Zone 2 nodelist flags 2013-03-12
fsp-1006.001Kludge for specifying addition e-mail reply addresses 2013-03-12
fsp-1007.001Multiple recipient address specification to gateway 2013-03-12
fsp-1008.002New control lines for forwarded messages 2013-03-12
fsp-1009.001Year 2000 issues in FTN software 2013-03-12
fsp-1010.001Via kludge specification 2013-03-12
fsp-1011.001Binkp - a protocol for transferring FidoNet mail over reliable connections 2013-03-12
fsp-1011.002BinkP - a protocol for transferring FidoNet mail over reliable connections 2013-03-12
fsp-1011.003Binkp - a protocol for transferring FidoNet mail over reliable connections 2013-03-12
fsp-1012.003Integration of IP-Nodes in the nodelist 2013-03-12
fsp-1013.001Character set definition in Fidonet messages 2013-03-12
fsp-1014.001Moderating by Voting echomail distribution system 2013-03-12
fsp-1015.001Simple E-Mail Attach Transport (S.E.A.T.) 2013-03-12
fsp-1016.001Automatic configuration of Points in FidoNet 2013-03-12
fsp-1016.003Automatic configuration of Points in FidoNet 2013-03-12
fsp-1017.001FAQ on IP Connectivity Nodelistings 2014-06-22
fsp-1018.001Binkp/1.0 Protocol specification 2013-03-12
fsp-1018.002Binkp/1.0 Protocol specification 2013-03-12
fsp-1019.001Binkp 1.0 optional protocol extension CRAM 2013-03-12
fsp-1020.001Binkp optional protocol extension CRC Checksum. 2013-03-12
fsp-1021.001Binkp/1.0 optional protocol extension Multiple Batch. 2013-03-12
fsp-1023.001Binkp protocol extension Non-reliable Mode 2013-03-12
fsp-1025.001IPv6 colon substitution in the nodelist. 2012-02-05
fsp-1026.002Translation of a Fidonet Address into an Internet 2012-02-05
fsp-1028.001FTN Address Format 2013-03-12
fsp-1028.002FTN Address Format 2013-03-12
fsp-1029.001Serial number allocation in Mesage IDs. 2013-03-12
fsp-1029.002Serial number allocation in Message IDs. 2013-03-12
fsp-1030.002Unicode character set in FidoNet messages 2012-02-05
fsp-1032.001Binkp optional protocol extension Dataframe Compression 2013-03-12
fsp-1033.001The ICM flag. 2013-03-12
fsp-1034.001Advanced BinkleyTerm Style Outbound flow and control 2013-03-12
fsp-1035.002DNS Distributed Nodelist 2012-02-05
fsp-1036.001IPv6 numbers in the nodelist. 2012-02-05
fsp-1038.001The INO4 flag. 2013-11-03
fsp-1039.001TIC file format. 2015-11-08
fsp-1043.001The PING and TRACE flags2022-12-24

Fidonet Reference Library

frl-1022.001Binkp optional protocol extension CRC Checksum. 2014-09-14
frl-1029.001Serial number allocation in Mesage IDs 2014-10-25
frl-1032.001Binkp optional protocol extension Dataframe Compression 2014-09-21
frl-1033.003Automatic configuration of Points in FidoNet 2014-12-18
frl-1034.001Advanced BinkleyTerm Style Outbound flow and control 2014-11-07