Administrative Documents

fta-1000.003FTSC Charter2022-12-10
fta-1001.007 FTSC Operations 2013-03-12
fta-1002.003 Document Submission and Publication Standard 2014-04-27
fta-1003.033FTSC Membership List2024-04-08
fta-1004.025 FTSC File List 2018-10-31
fta-1005.003 FTSC Product Codes 2013-03-12
fta-1006.002 Key words to indicate requirement levels 2013-03-12
fta-1007.002 Intellectual Property Rights 2013-03-12

Fidonet Technical Standards

fts-0001.016 A Basic FidoNet(r) Technical Standard 2013-03-12
fts-0004.001 The Conference Mail System (EchoMail Specification) 2013-03-12
fts-0005.003 The Distribution Nodelist 2013-03-12
fts-0006.002 YOOHOO and YOOHOO/2U2 2013-03-12
fts-0007.003 Extending FTS-0001 to include SEAlink protocol 2013-03-12
fts-0008.003 Extending FTS-0001 to include Bark requests 2013-03-12
fts-0009.001 MSGID / REPLY; A standard for unique message identifiers and reply chain linkage 2013-03-12
fts-1024.001 Raw ifcico mail transfer protocol 2013-03-12
fts-1025.001 Simple E-Mail Attach Transport (S.E.A.T.) 2013-03-12
fts-1026.001 Binkp/1.0 Protocol specification 2013-03-12
fts-1027.001 Binkp/1.0 optional protocol extension CRAM 2013-03-12
fts-1028.001 Binkp protocol extension Non-reliable Mode 2013-03-12
fts-1029.001 Binkp optional protocol extension Dataframe 2013-03-12
fts-1030.001 Binkp optional protocol extension CRC Checksum. 2014-09-21
fts-4000.001 CONTROL PARAGRAPHS 2013-03-12
fts-4008.002 Time zone information (TZUTC) 2013-03-12
fts-4009.001 Netmail tracking (Via) 2013-03-12
fts-4010.001The PING and TRACE flags2022-12-24
fts-5000.005 The Distribution Nodelist 2014-01-23
fts-5001.006 Nodelist flags and userflags 2017-08-13
fts-5002.002 POINTLIST FORMATS 2013-03-12
fts-5003.001 Character set definition in Fidonet messages 2013-03-12
fts-5004.001 DNS Distributed Nodelist 2013-03-12
fts-5005.003 Advanced BinkleyTerm Style Outbound flow and control 2016-10-31
fts-5006.001 TIC file format. 2016-11-07

Fidonet Standards Proposals

fsp-1024.000 Binkp/1.1 Protocol specification 2013-03-12
fsp-1027.001 Binkp extensions: No Dupes mode and No Dupes Asymmetric mode (russian text) 2006-06-12
fsp-1031.001 Binkp optional protocol extension Multiple One-Way Batch Mode 2014-06-22
fsp-1037.001 Squish messagebase format 2014-06-22
fsp-1040.001 SRIF file request interface 2018-03-11
fsp-1041.001 The BEER nodelist flag 2018-04-01

Fidonet Reference Library

fsc-0001.000 A Basic FidoNet(tm) Technical Standard 1987-12-27
fsc-0003.001 FidoNet Route Files Explained 2013-03-12
fsc-0004.001 INTL kludge 2013-03-12
fsc-0005.001 The Opus Computer-Based Conversation System 2013-03-12
fsc-0007.002 FidoNet RFC822-Style Message Format 2013-03-12
fsc-0008.001 Fundamentals of FOSSIL implementation and use (Superceeded by FSC-0015) 2013-03-12
fsc-0009.001 Nodelist capabilities identifier 2013-03-12
fsc-0010.001 RESYNC, a SEAlink protocol enhancement 2013-03-12
fsc-0011.001 Experiences/corrections to FTS-0001 2013-03-12
fsc-0013.001 A Standard for "Bark" File Requests (Superceeded by FTS-0008) 2013-03-12
fsc-0014.001 A Bundle Proposal 2013-03-12
fsc-0015.001 Fundamentals of FOSSIL implementation and use 2013-03-12
fsc-0016.001 FidoNet mail session startup 2013-03-12
fsc-0017.001 FidoNet Standards Committee Archive Philosophy and Document Naming 2013-03-12
fsc-0019.001 The SEAlink file transfer protocol (Superceed by FTS-0007) 2013-03-12
fsc-0020.001 Alternate Nodelist Flag Proposal 2013-03-12
fsc-0021.001 VFOSSIL - An OS/2-Subset Video FOSSIL Appendage 2013-03-12
fsc-0023.001 Bundle name format 2013-03-12
fsc-0024.001 Type-3 Mail Bundle 2013-03-12
fsc-0025.001 AVATAR; Advanced Video Attribute Terminal Assembler and Recreator 2013-03-12
fsc-0027.001 The Distribution Nodelist (Superceeded by FTS-0005) 2013-03-12
fsc-0028.001 A Collection of Notes on Moving Files 2013-03-12
fsc-0029.000 ** Not Used ** 2014-06-22
fsc-0030.001 Message Identification and Reply for FidoNet 2013-03-12
fsc-0031.001 EchoMail ^aEID: Dup-Checking with Linked Replies 2013-03-12
fsc-0032.001 Uniform Echomail Quoting Style 2013-03-12
fsc-0033.001 FidoNet Message ID Proposal 2013-03-12
fsc-0034.002 Gateways to and from FidoNet; Technical, Administrative, and Policy Considerations 2013-03-12
fsc-0035.001 Transparent Gateways to and from FidoNet; Technical Considerations 2013-03-12
fsc-0036.001 Group Mail Specifications 2013-03-12
fsc-0037.001 AVATAR; Advanced Video Attribute Terminal Assembler and Recreator 2013-03-12
fsc-0038.001 A Domain Proposal For FidoNet 2013-03-12
fsc-0039.001 A Type-2 Packet Extension Proposal 2013-03-12
fsc-0039.004 A Type-2 Packet Extension Proposal 1990-09-30
fsc-0040.001 Extended Modem Handling 2013-03-12
fsc-0042.001 Proposed Modification to the Gateway Agreement Between WWIVnet and FidoNet via the "NetSEX" Program 2013-03-12
fsc-0043.002 Some Hints on Recognizing Control Lines in Message Text 2013-03-12
fsc-0044.002 An improved method of duplicate message detection and prevention 2013-03-12
fsc-0045.001 A Proposal for a New Packet title Format 2013-03-12
fsc-0046.005 A Product Idenfifier for FidoNet Message Handlers 2013-03-12
fsc-0047.001 The SPLIT Kludge Line For Splitting Large Messages 2013-03-12
fsc-0048.002 A Proposed Type-2 Packet Extension 2013-03-12
fsc-0049.001 A Proposal for Passing Domain Information During an FTS-0006 Session 2013-03-12
fsc-0050.001 A Character Set Identifier For FidoNet Message Editors 2013-03-12
fsc-0051.003 I51; A System-Independent Way of Transferring Special Characters 2013-03-12
fsc-0052.001 A proposal for making the PATH zone aware 2013-03-12
fsc-0053.002 Specifications for the ^aFLAGS field 2013-03-12
fsc-0054.004 CHARSET; A System-Independent Way of Transferring Special Characters, Character Sets and Style Information in Messages 2013-03-12
fsc-0055.001 Security Passwords in Nodelist Update Files 2013-03-12
fsc-0056.001 EMSI/IEMSI Protocol Definitions 2013-03-12
fsc-0057.003 Conference Managers - Specifications for Requests 2013-03-12
fsc-0058.002 A New Way Of Addressing 2013-03-12
fsc-0059.001 Newssection Interchange 2013-03-12
fsc-0060.001 Calculation and Usage of CRCs 2013-03-12
fsc-0061.001 Proposed Guidelines for the FileBone 2013-03-12
fsc-0062.003 Nodelist flag indicating Online Times of a Node 2013-03-12
fsc-0063.001 A Proposal for FidoNet style messages 2013-03-12
fsc-0064.007 InterDomain Message Identification, Gating, Reply Linking and Addressing 2013-03-12
fsc-0065.001 Type 3 ASCII 2013-03-12
fsc-0066.002 Type 3 Binary 2013-03-12
fsc-0067.001 A Proposal For Sensible New Kludge Lines 2013-03-12
fsc-0068.001 A Proposed Replacement For FTS-0004 2013-03-12
fsc-0069.001 Proposal for a FidoNet Domain Name Service (DNS) 2013-03-12
fsc-0070.002 Improving Fidonet/Usenet gating and Dupe Checking 2013-03-12
fsc-0071.001 Distributed FREQ (DFREQ) Specifications 2013-03-12
fsc-0072.001 The HYDRA file transfer protocol 2013-03-12
fsc-0073.001 Encrypted Message Identification for FidoNet 2013-03-12
fsc-0074.001 Echomail Specification 2013-03-12
fsc-0075.001 ISDN capability flags in the Nodelist 2013-03-12
fsc-0076.001 Netmail Areatags 2013-03-12
fsc-0077.001 Type-10 Packet Format 2013-03-12
fsc-0078.001 Gateway between Fidonet compatible networks 2013-03-12
fsc-0079.002 RTF Mail; Message Formatting in the Type 2 Message Packet 2013-03-12
fsc-0080.002 Describing FidoNet with a layered model 2013-03-12
fsc-0081.001 Type-3 Packet proposal 2013-03-12
fsc-0082.001 New Packet Type 2013-03-12
fsc-0083.001 Standard for message IDs 2013-03-12
fsc-0084.001 Electronic Data Exchange Standard Level 1 2013-03-12
fsc-0085.001 Descriptions of the "NOZIP" and "ERX" nodelist flags 2013-03-12
fsc-0086.001 Standard Request Information File (SRIF) 2013-03-12
fsc-0087.001 File Forwarding 2013-03-12
fsc-0088.001 Compatibility and Link Qualifier Extensions for EMSI Sessions 2013-03-12
fsc-0089.001 INTL addressing control line 2013-03-12
fsc-0090.001 FTSC Issued Product Codes 2013-03-12
fsc-0091.001 ISDN Nodelist Flags 2013-03-12
fsc-0092.001 New Control Lines for Forwarded Messages 2013-03-12
fsc-0093.002 Reduced seen-by lines 2013-03-12

Fidonet Reference Library

frl-1001.001 Suggested use of Nodelist Fields 2013-03-12
frl-1002.001 Standard Fidonet Addressing 2013-03-12
frl-1003.003 The Distribution Nodelist (was: FTS-0005.003) 2013-03-12
frl-1004.002 Timezone information in FTN messages 2013-03-12
frl-1005.001 Via kludge specification 2013-03-12
frl-1006.001 Binkp - a protocol for transferring FidoNet mail over reliable connections 2013-03-12
frl-1007.001 Numeric reply indication in FTN subject lines 2013-03-12
frl-1008.001 Kludge for specifying addition e-mail reply addresses 2013-03-12
frl-1009.001 Multiple recipient address specification to gateway 2013-03-12
frl-1010.001 New control lines for forwarded messages 2013-03-12
frl-1011.001 Year 2000 issues in FTN software 2013-03-12
frl-1012.001 Moderating by Voting echomail distribution system 2013-03-12
frl-1013.001 Binkp optional protocol extension Multiple Password 2013-03-12
frl-1014.001 Hudson Message Base (HMB) locking semantics 2013-03-12
frl-1015.001 Zone 2 nodelist flags 2013-03-12
frl-1016.001 Integration of IP-Nodes in the nodelist 2013-03-12
frl-1017.001 The ICM flag 2013-03-12
frl-1018.001 Binkp/1.0 optional protocol extension Multiple Batch 2013-03-12
frl-1019.001 IPv6 colon substitution in the nodelist. 2013-03-12
frl-1020.001 Character set definition in Fidonet messages 2013-03-12
frl-1021.001 Unicode character set in FidoNet messages 2013-03-12
frl-1022.001 Binkp optional protocol extension CRC Checksum. 2014-12-19
frl-1026.001 Translation of a Fidonet Address into an Internet Domain Name 2013-03-12
frl-1026.002 Translation of a Fidonet Address into an Internet Domain Name 2013-03-12
frl-1028.002 FTN Address Format 2015-01-05
frl-1029.002 Serial number allocation in Mesage IDs 2014-12-19
frl-1032.001 Binkp optional protocol extension Dataframe 2014-12-19
frl-1033.001 Automatic configuration of Points in FidoNet 2014-12-19
frl-1033.003 Automatic configuration of Points in FidoNet 2014-12-19
frl-1034.001 Advanced BinkleyTerm Style Outbound flow and control 2014-12-19
frl-1035.001 DNS Distributed Nodelist 2013-03-12
frl-1036.001 IPv6 numbers in the nodelist. 2013-03-12
frl-1038.001 The INO4 flag. 2014-06-30
frl-1039.001 Tic file format. 2016-11-07
frl-1040.001PING and TRACE Flags. Title: The PING and TRACE flags2022-12-24

Miscellaneous Administrative Files

NameDescriptionDate Archive of all FTSC documents 2018-09-17
ftscprod.002 FTSC Product Codes (1998-07-10) 2013-03-12
ftscprod.003 FTSC Product Codes (1999-05-18) 2013-03-12
ftscprod.004 FTSC Product Codes (1999-07-09) 2013-03-12
ftscprod.005 FTSC Product Codes (2000-01-02) 2013-03-12
ftscprod.006 FTSC Product Codes (2000-01-22) 2013-03-12
ftscprod.007 FTSC Product Codes (2003-08-27) 2013-03-12
ftscprod.008 FTSC Product Codes (2003-12-31) 2013-03-12
ftscprod.010 FTSC Product Codes (2005-01-15) 2013-03-12
ftscprod.011 FTSC Product Codes (2008-06-08) 2013-03-12
ftscprod.017 FTSC Product Codes (2016-11-08) 2016-11-08
ftscprod.020FTSC Product Codes (2024-03-21) 2024-03-21